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Return of the Frozen One

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Return of the Frozen One Empty Return of the Frozen One

Post by BruxiXXVIII on Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:04 pm

After the battle of the city in which Helios and his men devastated the region, Mayix grew pensive during the reconstruction and odd sense of peace whilst in the dark dwelling of the castle's basement. Perhaps...I was better as I was...perhaps I can reclaim that which was once lost...become...Bruxi once more...? And so, the dark man of mysterious beginnings set out to search for himself in the place of his old self's Somebody's land: The Frozen Mountain.

Upon arrival, he searched the barren and frozen tundra for something that called to him...something that could give him a hint; anything. And then...upon reaching the mountain's base, his ice amulet began to glimmer, a wonderful radiance peaking its rays through the curved sockets of the skull; it began to tug towards the mountain's inner workings. With resolve, his dull and blood-red eyes set sights on penetrating the mountain. With incredible force and cunning, the obsidian skinned Nobody created drills and hammers of all arrangements and drove them into the mountains base. It took him many days to penetrate the frozen hunk of rock, but at last it gave way. He took a deep breath and went within. His usually dull eyes of blood-red hue now grew, and faded to a brighter crimson of alarm. Before him...was an enormous, slumbering dragon. The creature's head alone was easily 5 of Mayix. The amulet's pull grew stronger as he was oddly attracted closer to the dragon. His steps soft as he padded atop the frozen ground nearing the dragon. Suddenly, the beast's eye cracked through a thick layer of ice and zoomed in on him; its eye dilated inwards and outwards as it focused in on him. A low grumbling could be heard as the beast began to shake the ice from its otherwise rested and previously hibernating reptilic frame. The ground and mountain began to shake, yet Mayix stood his ground. As it bellowed a roar so violent, his ears nearly popped, he remembered. His Somebody's memories began to emerge to the surface of his mind's eye. Skasa. The Ice Dragon of Old. Suddenly, the normally quiet and calm and disinterested Nobody grew furious, his teeth clenching, his gaze narrowed, and a low growl emitting from him. His muscles began to tremble as he formed himself a large lance of Darkness and charged at the Dragon...

It would not be soon that either left the mountain. An entire month passed as the two battled. Mayix felt little fatigue, for one such as he had never felt so...alive. The dragon's frigid body was plagued with wounds, yet its movements never faltered...until at last, with a large leap and a grand vertical strike downwards, Mayix drove his lands down into the beast's skull. Suddenly its body began to deteriorate in a gorish display of blood and muscles falling apart until only a single, shimmering hunk could be seen: Its heart. The Frozen Heart. As he held the enormous an freezing muscle in his hands, he began to feel chills spread from it into his body. Trails of ice began to spread from his palm to his body, chilling him. He grew frightened, unaware of how to combat the situation...and it took him too long. For, the sable Nobody was encased in Ice, frozen in the heart of the mountain. And for over a year, the Nobody remained trapped in his frigid prison. His black hue faded to a pallor of a corpse, his eyes' crimson intensity fading to a bright Cyan. At last, our Nobody shattered the prison of Ice, emerging with his arms raised to his shoulders, fists clenched, and yelling triumphantly. The gust of wind from the escape caused his hair to flare up into a spiked style, remaining so consistently. He looked down solemnly in his palm where the heart once was; it was gone. In its place laid his pendent, of medium size and in the shape of a skull. He grinned his pearly white smile and let out a deep sigh. He traversed the frozen tundra once more and arrived back at the Dark City's Square. Much to his surprise, they were filled with pedestrians. Yet, he noticed they were of his species: Nobodies. He smiled at this and folded his arms behind his head as he began to saunter down the streets. Many of them gave him odd looks; most, though, smiled at him, ladies included, and greeted him. He returned them with a smile, and an introduction: "Bruxi! Nice to meet ya!"

At last, he arrived at the all-too-familiar place where so much had happened; The Ice Sculpting shop. It was vacant and in disrepair...yet still standing. He opened the dusty door and walked within. "Looks like we've some work to do!"

After cleaning the shop, making it presentable once more, he decided to fix-up some works of art. He rolled up his dark sleeves, revealing his muscular and pale arms beneath and set his palms in front of him. Much to his surprise, something odd came was Ice, but...Darkness swirled inside of it. Dark Ice.

Go ahead, come closer...You'll only freeze to death, nothing serious.

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