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Post by BruxiXXVIII on Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:06 am

Brux.i had an unamused expression as he felt his armor being tugged away from him. After his armor was torn from him, the hurricane blast sent him away from his target, causing him to hit the wall. Oh, sh- The feeling was impossible to describe; he was sent into the wall, but it swallowed him, causing him to emerge, flying, straight at Gexka's back. Welp, new target acquired. As the Frigid Nobody rushed towards the thief, he began to recreate his armor once more, his halberd poised to thrust through Gex.

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Post by RixupIX on Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:51 pm

Dude that was such a cheesy line.
I've always wanted to use that line.
How long have you been waiting to use it?
I'd give it 9 months.
9 months! 
Rixup realizes he's in a middle of a fight and see's Fira make a buster sword from a handle.
Woah, that's like Star Wars with the lightsabers and stuff!
Pay attention she's doing a thing!
Rixup watches as she throws the sword up in the air while it spins and she says if he's a hotshot.
As a matter of fact I am!
He sees her jump in the air to grab her sword and comes down towards him.
What do you think the size of that sword is?
I'd say about 5 feet.
Oh, what a coincidence, so is mine!
He quickly takes out his longsword and blocks the attack holding it with one hand. Then he quickly kicks her in the stomach and sends her 20 feet away from him.
What's funny is that this isn't even at it's longest!
That sounded weird.
I know!
His halo glows and the sword expands from 5 feet to 10. Then Rixup just swings it around to look cool and stuff.
Let's do this! Epic Sword Fight Begin!

Feeling pretty heated.
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Post by Xaviera XCIX on Tue Apr 21, 2015 4:06 pm

(ooc: its fine, i swear i thought i added that in the first post. Your very perceptive)

Xaviera was shocked when her armor started to glow, stopping her body mid motion. "What the h-" Before she could finish the armor felt as if each piece was being pulled away. She went flying towards Maxech. Hesitantly she summoned her throne, before she could hit the field like wall, causing her to bounce on the thrones cushioned back rest. She slumped down, a bit disorient from what just happened. She let out a sigh and groaned, looking over at Maxech, she pouted. "He's a machine it wouldn't work." Curiosity stepped in and she extended her hand to touch him poking its metallic body her eyes glinted yellow once more. "Ah just as i thought, nothing happened. There's no flesh to flesh contact anyway." She got up from her throne and snapped causing it to vanish in a puff of sparkles. "Hey you..." she addresses Maxech. "Want to throw me above that guy in the middle? I'm sure you're strong enough" 


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Post by Fira on Thu Apr 23, 2015 12:38 am

Fira's feet drag across the ground as she is thrown back. She digs her toes in and leans forward, forcing her body to come to a skidding stop. She plants the hand not holding her sword on the ground and takes a few deep breathes. She's very surprised that he was able to throw her this far, shocked even. 'This dork is actually pretty strong. He may prove to be a challenge after all.' She smirks. 'That sword is little ridiculous though.'
She sighs and focuses on her weapon. While she loves the devastating power of the buster sword, it's at a disadvantage in a sword fight due to it's lack of versatility. The sword's blade grows thinner and a cross hilt grows from it's grip. While the sword remains it's previous length, is is now a longsword. Fira than increases her energy consumption rate in order to boost her strength. Satisfied with her adjustments, Fira waits for the next time Rixup's sword is straight in front of him. She then charges forward with her own sword held in front of her.
(Fira knows quite a bit about swords and swordplay. While the length of Rixup's sword gives him good reach and powerful thrusting potential, it also provides a huge opening. No matter how strong the swordsman, his control of his sword's point decreases the longer the sword is. A swordsman simply can't exert as much force on the tip of the blade as he could on another part that's closer to him. Imagine you're tightly holding a long stick. If someone pushed against the stick near where you're holding it, it wouldn't budge. But, if they pushed against the stick at its tip, it would move a quite a bit, even if your hands still barely move at all.)
Fira is holding her sword at a slight vertical slant as runs at Rixup. When she is within reach of his blade she uses her blade to push his to the side, changing his blade's angle so that it's not pointed at her while her own point is still aimed at his chest (this is a parry four). She keeps her blade pressed against Rixup's as she charges at him, preventing him from cutting that side of her body. Even if he went around her blade and attacked from the other side, she could simply shift her blade to her other side and block the hit (parry six). He also can't draw his blade back to stab at her because his blade is too long for his arm to bring back so far. And since her sword is long then his limbs he can't punch or kick her before she stabs him. His greatest weakness is his sword's lack of mobility. With her shorter blade, she can easily manipulate his however she wants. She aims her  sword at his shoulder, intent on running him through.

(Ooc; sorry if my description is bad or I made mistakes. I'm tired and can't find the right words right now. The parries are for anyone who understands real sword fighting.)

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Post by GexkaXXV on Sat Apr 25, 2015 6:41 pm

"Awww." I'm really disappointed that Leore wasn't ripped to shreds. "I really wanted to see him lacerated." Sad face. However, I notice a few leaves fly past Leore and sink into the wall. I feel something hit my boot and look down to find one of my own leaves embedded there. "Well that's interesting." I look over my shoulder at the wall and am quite startled to find Bruxi blocking my view of it. "Eep!" I turn intangible in time to prevent more than a few inch of his halberd from piercing me. I jump away from him and with a quick motion from me, my tree reaches down and wraps its branches tightly around Bruxi, restraining him. I wag a finger at Bruxi and tut. "Now Bruxi, you heard Leore; no non organic armor." I reach out and turn his armor intangible so it falls to the floor. "Here use this instead." The bark of the tree slide's down the branches and onto Bruxi. It wraps around him, hardening and forming wooden plate mail armor. "Go get em!" The tree lifts Bruxi up and then flings him at Leore at high speeds.
I smile and turn to look at my now naked tree. "Hmm... What am I going to do with you." I tap my chin. I have a sudden stroke of brilliance and laugh out loud. I gesture toward the tree and it straightens with its branches fusing together. It then curves in on itself till it's former branches touch its roots. I fuse the branches and roots together and make some final adjustments before hopping into my giant hamster wheel. "Absolutely magnificent." I begin to walk forward and the hamster wheel rolls with me. "Hmm, something's missing. I scratch my head and then realize what it is. The hamster wheel is lifted a foot off the ground as giant spikes sprout from its rim. "Perfect."

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Post by Maxech IC on Tue Apr 28, 2015 12:54 pm

The fighting grew more intense and somehow, I was not yet noticed. With my 9mm loaded and aiming at the closest things to me, my attention was mainly on the loud zombie. Something rather strange then happens. The loud zombie was able to avoid almost every attack done by the surrounding zombies. It was as if it were powered by the aggro it created on itself. I definitely did not want any attention on me.

I attach a silencer to my 9mm, in case of any encounters.
Wouldn't want to get the attention of the rest.

Suddenly, the loud zombie strips the ice and royal zombie of their defenses.
The royal zombie was then flung in my immediate direction, landing in its strange magic chair of sorts.
I stood still to avoid confrontation. Maybe it wouldn't see me.
It looks at me...then grunts to itself for a bit before turning its full attention to me.
It was if it were attempting to communicate...with me?

It extends its hand to me and I aim my gun to its head.
I was ready to shoot if it made any aggressive movements.
The zombie pokes me slightly. It almost sets me off as my finger was just slightest bit of pressure away from firing.

I slightly move backwards, out of its range.
The royal zombie then decides to get up from its chair and starts to grunt to itself again and point in a direction.
I keep my gun pointed at it as I slightly turn to see what it was pointing at.
Is this zombie commanding me to attack the loud zombie?

There was no doubt that the loud zombie was something to definitely avoid, for now.
If I could stay low enough for it to eliminate the rest, it'll be easier to take on less at once.

But for now...
*fires at the royal zombie's head*

"I see."

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