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Epic Rap of Organization Plus



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Epic Rap of Organization Plus

Post by BruxiXXVIII on Wed Apr 08, 2015 6:29 pm

Woah, don't take another step!
You're stepping into the Dark World, this rap doesn't need any prep!

Sure we can be fun, but you don't know this amusement park,
just like nobody knows that guy with the triple question mark.

You won't even be able to hitch a ride on this flow,
not even if you're as broken and stupid as Abachidono.

You can't even touch me, I'll lock you down in my endless power display,
then I'll stop time and destroy you, like I'm Absolute Kane.

Are you sure I'm not grinding your gears, spitting you out like a pro?
Munching you up and getting my powers maxed, gimme those bolts!- Acero

Watch my rhymes split your soul, turn you into my weapon
then watch you flee, better get to steppin'!

The fun isn't done yet, not even close, 'cus I'm driving this blade into your solar plexus,
without you even knowing, 'cus I'm the Master Assasin, bitch you can call me A-ixus.

The backstabs won't come even close to ending there,
'cus you seem to have forgotten about my boy Alxair!

Now don't be so cruel, 'cus we can be cute like a panda
or an elemental fairy with issues, just like Alyxandra

It's not that I'm not giving you time to breathe, you're just slow!
I won't even give you time to stop and read the hate posts from Anonymous Joe.

Now let's not forget our manners, eating you up like a ghost in Pac-Man,
but wait, did I ever tell you? My darkest secret? - I'm Batman.

Don't worry sweetheart, I'll love you to Death like my name is Lucy,
but don't get too close, because my rhymes'll make yours freeze; they call me Bruxi.

You can't take a magic potion  to get better at rapping, nor an elixir,
but don't try to get violent, I've got an android bodyguard, just like Calixer.

Like a burning plane crash of disappointment over Costa Rica,
I'm the phenoix of lightning, fire, metal and shit, you can call me Chika.

I don't even know why you try to get close, you're like a flashing light of neon,
just a bigger target for the female assassin to paralyze with her senbon.

I'll diagnose your stupid ass 101 problems with Zoe,
but first let me toss a knife at you, call me Dr.Cloe.

Did you hear a sound? Not even a motion in the air?
Oh right, it's the broken mute, that quiet wench Darxierre.

I'll take all your allies and continuously snap their backs,
with my giant weapon, my greatest axe, call me the dark lord turned Savior, the Hero- Drax.

You can try your best, to fix all your problems like Fix-It-Felix,
but you might need this pretty boy angel with no shirt, just call him Elix.

These rhymes continue to go on, so take a seat, son
because your cities will burn to the ground at the hands of Enemy One.

I thought I told you to sit down, you can't get away!
I'll chase you down and devour you like my name is Fey.

Call me the master of all, your grand pooh-bah
I'll take anything you throw at me, like a midget badass named Fira.

I know you think you have time, but you're still drooling, mumbling "Uhh",
but now I'll steal your shit in a whirlwind of leaves, like a thief - Gexka.

Now don't get wrapped up in the bullshit, thinkin' my eyes are starry
I don't need gay bitches like that, we already have Hixari.

You don't need to stare at me like that, you know,
I'm the clueless genius- Kane Dendou.

I'm the Great Leader of the World of the Dark, I'm straight flexin',
I'll beat your ass to Mars, just try and call me k-exan.

Don't make a mistake, and trip on your god sword, that's bad hygienics,
because you don't want to wind up like my good pal Lennix.

But don't worry too much, at least your brain's not a whore
like that guy, or girl, with too much goin' on, its name is Leore.

Now let's not get cheesy, casting blinding light and getting sexy,
but she don't go for the bad boys, this here is the angel Lexi.

Take a step back, make sure I'm not devious
like a little someone with a name like Lucivious.

Now if this was league, they couldn't beat Ahri,
I'm talkin' about the bigger-picker-upper, Mahari.

And let's not forget the bodyguard, the bounty hunter who can block your kick
his name is legendary and scary, call him the robot cowboy, the zombie guy larry- Maxech.

But be careful, don't test my temper, you'll be roasted salami!
Because I'm reaching my inner demon, BITCH MY NAME IS M-URAXAMI!

Again, I think this is League, she's a lot like Taric, using fabulous Gems
to power her gautlets to crush you into tiny chewy pieces, just like M&Ms.

Now here's the guy who can't aim for your solar plexus,
it's the failure gunner, that boy named Nexus!

Now here's a girl who'll charm you better than Hooked-On-Phonics,
it's the blue-haired beauty, you know it's yer girl Onnex.

And even in you wanted to squeak out a sound, I'd silence you
and then screech until your organs exploded, bitch, how do you do?

Speaking of kids getting punched in their Solar Plexus,
it's the guy who got his ass kicked by Mura, bitch boy Rexus!

Oh, shit, here we go! It's your boy, R1xup!
With no chance in hell, he couldn't even level up!

Boy you better get out some stone tablets so you can etch,
the giant udders of the wife of I, the darling Sketch.

Then there's this guy,
who makes you even wonder why,
you even exist to only die,
yeah it's Tai Koutai.

I'll take you by the head, and force you to deep-throat,
this giant magical spirit of mine, oh look I've got on the swaggy Coat!

Awww shit! It's the guy with an ability to make you shock and scream sorry,
it's he who possesses an electric flow, it's the one and only Xakari.

Now ain't this shit just dandy,
with a crotch that you know is sandy,
and a whole bunch of 'sweets' that ain't candy,
it's the evil spirit Xandy.

Now let's keep it goin', and listen to this disastrous aria,
by the girl who splits her soul and drinks your blood, Xaria.

You know it's a disaster area,
you might even contract malaria,
along with mild hysteria,
if you read the shit by Xaviera.

Ew, what the fuck is this?
It's that disgusting shit you can't miss,
look out it's the Nobody of Chris!

This guy is far from being a hero,
in fact he's more of a -oh wait, that's his name- Zero.

And then we've got the flash stepping, elementalist whore,
put down your chainsaws kids, block the path of Zexor.

And thus concludes the rap of Organization Plus,
I hope these words don't break the friendships between us,
because I won't apologize for every single cuss,
so let's get back to business, and continue to discuss,
the situations that we all find a little bit sus,
and not videos of magic shit on a school bus.

Last edited by BruxiXXVIII on Wed Apr 08, 2015 8:18 pm; edited 1 time in total

Go ahead, come closer...You'll only freeze to death, nothing serious.
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Re: Epic Rap of Organization Plus

Post by AlyxandraXLVIII on Wed Apr 08, 2015 7:49 pm

Uhhhhhhhhhhhm.. U did not just come for me like that ._.

Meow =^_~=
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Re: Epic Rap of Organization Plus

Post by Mahari on Wed Apr 08, 2015 8:05 pm

Was that a compliment? was I comlimented? Aww, I knew you liked me, I should make you something nice!

I've lost all ambition for worldly acclaim,
I just want to be the one you love.

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
And with your admission that you feel the same,
I'll have reached the goal I'm dreaming of.
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Re: Epic Rap of Organization Plus

Post by Leore on Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:24 pm

My... my brains a whore...
so is some one going to counter this with their own version.

"Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts." Arnold B.[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
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Re: Epic Rap of Organization Plus

Post by BruxiXXVIII on Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:01 pm

Well, I dunno if anybody would really even want to; it's addressed to everybody who's posted this year, and not all of them are insults o.o It's not like the Disco Ninja Frog vs The Walking Popsicle raps :3

@The Girl Still Hung Up On The Walking Popsicle, it's not even THAT bad xD

@The Undisputed Ruler of All Things Feline, thanks, I try <3

Go ahead, come closer...You'll only freeze to death, nothing serious.

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Re: Epic Rap of Organization Plus

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