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The Soul of Organization+

Enemy I
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The Soul of Organization+

Post by Enemy I on Wed Jul 12, 2017 9:22 pm

The artificial sun brightens in the sky over the strangely quiet Dark City. The city has always been large and recently the numberless population has started to rise drastically, as if to try to fill the empty streets. It was becoming a true city, with lights and noise at every hour and a constant hustle and bustle that seemed to defy the day and night cycle Kane had created.
But now the swelling city sits silent. There is no movement in the streets. No lights flickering in the windows. No sound echoing down the concrete canyons. All is still. All is very, very still. The bodies in the streets are still. The bodies on the floors are still. The bodies in their beds are still. The numberless lay as if they had suddenly collapsed in the middle of what they were doing. The bodies have no injuries or marks on them. They are still, but not dead.
If an individual were to examine one of these bodies, they would be hard pressed to detect signs of life. Nobodies possess no hearts, and thus no pulse. These husks possess no pulse, no breath, and no brain activity. Hard to detect, but not completely impossible. They do not deteriorate or decay. Their cells still live. These shells are alive. Barely.
The Castle That Never Was is also unusually still, though not so much so as the rest of the city. While many, many bodies lay unresponsive in their rooms and sprawled throughout the corridors, there are still a few that have not left the realm of consciousness. Though they lack hearts, their bodies continue to move. To assess. To plan their next move in the face of this calamity.
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Re: The Soul of Organization+

Post by GexkaXXV on Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:31 pm

I look down another corridor. Nothing but more bodies. I know they’re not dead. I can see it in their energies. That familiar pulse of yellowish green energy I can see in all living creatures. But something seems off (You know, besides everyone being unconscious on the floor (and the fact that we’re out of mustard).). While I can’t quite put my finger on it, I would swear something’s missing from the usual plethora of swirling colors that make up the energies of a creature.
I shrug and move towards the nearest nobody. This time I actually attempt to wake the guy up. I try the usual; slapping, shaking, loud noises, cold water to the face, drawing on said face with markers, CPR, defibrillation, taking his wallet, etc. None of it works. I stand up with a sigh and stash the wallet with all the others in my coat. This is getting kind of boring. I have at least 20 wallets in my pockets (none of which belong to me) and haven’t even broken a sweat yet. I walk the rest of the way down the corridor without even glancing at another deliciously lootable body. There’s no challenge in it (not that most people are a challenge for the Object Removal Specialist). There’s no one to stalk, outwit, and eventually taunt. “It sure is hard being the best.”
I begin making my way towards the center of the castle. I decide to check the Lounge first, then the Round Room and the Throne Room. I figure if anyone else is still awake, those are the most likely places for them to gather. And if not, there’s got to be someone in the Cafeteria. I start shouting as I walk, “HELLO! IS THERE ANYONE IN HERE WHO DOSEN’T WANT TO BE ROBBED? SPEAK NOW OR FOREVER LOSE YOUR STUFF!” I wonder if Fira and the Coat are caught up in this mess. I haven’t seen either in quite a while.

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Re: The Soul of Organization+

Post by NixenaXLVII on Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:06 pm

Nixena wakes to the low-light of the artificial sun glowing above the Dark City. She's accustomed to waking up early, to the sounds of some others bustling about and passing her room near the entrance of the castle. She pulls her hair up, hastily braiding it to keep her long hair from falling in her face. She stretches before whistling, a low tone that would normally be considered little more than an exhale. Ori perks up from her place at the edge of the bed, and Nix opens the blinds, ready to greet the day. What she's not prepared for is the bodies of numberless littering the city streets, visible from her bedroom.

"Ori, we're going. Now." She grabs her staff and her belt of throwing knives. She pushes her way through the castle, opening door after door in search of someone who isn't in the same barely-living state. Nearing the typically more-populated rooms within the castle, she hears another voice.

She can't suppress the laughter that bubbles up--almost a hysteric break because she has no fucking clue what is going on. There's so much relief in her face when she responds, "Touch my stuff and I'll sic Ori on you!" The white wolf growls in agreement.

Raising a hand in greeting, she asks, "Any idea what's going on? Because everyone's... unconscious?" She also shoots a message to her sister, knowing that the brunette rarely spends her time in the castle. "There's no way this is normal, even with all the insanity that happens here."

She racks her brain for any idea of why this would be happening, but can't come up with a single reason. As if sensing her worry, the wolf circles around the two Nobodies, keeping an eye out for any other people or possible enemies.

"Silence is a source of great strength." -Lao Tzu
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Re: The Soul of Organization+

Post by Kexan XV on Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:39 pm

Another time, another number. It was another day "alive." I woke up like any other day; head resting on my hand with my elbow against the armrest. One eye at a time I witness the light begin to shine down through the window in the forward hallway. Not normally the morning person, nor one with much of a morning appetite, I decided some breakfast was in order. I jump off the high throne and onto the black marble floor creating a, louder than usual, echo. That was when I realized just how quiet it was. The sheer silence is what woke me to begin with. It was no common event. Regardless, I made my way to the cafe.

On arrival, everything seemed as it should, meals prepared with the occasional Nobodies resting from a heavy meal. Nothing out of the ordinary. I grab a waffle or two, some sausage, and some pancakes, slather some syrup of them and sit in the nearest chair from me. I was hungrier than usual.

As I began to consume my meal, the silence grew heavier and heavier to the point where you could hear your blood flow through your body.

I eat as much as I could and make my way to the roof of the castle. Again, nothing. Even the wind grew silent. It was incredibly unsettling. I decided to skip today's training. It was time to investigate.

Enemy I
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Re: The Soul of Organization+

Post by Enemy I Yesterday at 10:20 pm

A cloaked figure slowly paces around the circumference of a round room, his footsteps echoing off the bare walls in a manner many would consider menacing. Strangely, the room is illuminated only by torches, and the shadows cast by the room’s pillar like thrones writhe like ghostly apparitions on the room’s wall. The figure stops pacing and a Dark Portal appears before him. He enters the portal, making his way to a less agreeable area of the castle.
“And how is our guest this fine morning?” The figure drawls before picking up the captive’s holo-communicator from a nearby table. A sign indicating a new message illuminates the screen. “It appears the city is waking.” A sadistic smile appears, crossing his face to reveal white teeth. “I think we’ve given them enough time to stew.” Not expecting a response from his shadowy comrade in the far corner of the room, the cloaked figure continues without pause. “Time for a wake up call.”
In the Castle That Never Was, every holo-communicator suddenly beeps to announce an incoming message. The devices start playing the same video throughout the castle. First there is only darkness. Then the barely visible, lower half of a deathly pale face comes into focus. The mouth is twisted into a painfully large grin. “I hope you have all come to the understanding that your future rests in my hands.” A short bark of laughter. It’s impossible to determine if the voice, garbled as it is, is masculine or feminine. “If you think you can beat me, you’re welcome to try. Actually, I welcome it with open arms… Run, run, run, little nobodies. Find me! If you truly care about those foolish things that have no right to be alive, you will find me. Unfortunately, some of you may die along the way.” The voice pauses. “But, if you refuse to find me, one of your own will die for sure. I’m sure your leader actually cares,” the voice says sarcastically, “You have until noon.” The camera pans to an unconscious Clerxha, her body lit by a spotlight. The girl is bound with black manacles glowing with runes and is bleeding from a cut on her forehead. A shimmering barrier surrounds her. The video shakes as the person recording laughs. “Hurry. Time’s already running out.”
The video ends abruptly, and a set of coordinates scrolls across the screen followed by a brief line of text. The coordinates lead to the old cathedral in the city. The message reads, “Much more than eyes can be windows to the soul.”
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Re: The Soul of Organization+

Post by AixusXXIX Today at 12:04 am

The world portal comes to life, giving way for Aixus as he walks through it.

"I don't understand why you're so confused about this." He says aloud.

Hello? What do you even mean? How does he go from Muraxami to Hixari to Muraxami to Hoxama and then back to Hixari again?

"I don't see a problem with it."

Dude, things like that don't just happen. I mean, nobody seems to be phased by this and it's weird.

"It's really not that serious...."

WHAT??? Remember Bruxi? That guy had black skin or some shit, no he's really pale. If that was black paint, I'm pretty sure he was being racist...

"Racist against Somebody's or Nobody's?"

*sigh* Forget it, we'll just ignore that Muraxami's skin is now red and that Bruxi my have been blackf-

The inner voice is cut off by the sound of Aixus' communicator going off. Upon watching the video, he takes a moment to process what just happened.

Well, this is more important....I guess...

"We have to get to the castle."

Really? The castle? That's unexpected of you.

Aixus opens up a corridor to the castle. "Not really." He says as he walks into the portal.

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Re: The Soul of Organization+

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