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Character sheet from GexkaXXV

View a character sheet 14nhd1u
Gexka is a fun loving and mischievous nobody thief out of the history books. Gexka is the seemingly paradoxical combination of careful and reckless. Sharper than the knives he carries (though you wouldn't think it when you first meet him), Gexka can talk and wiggle his way out of any situation. If given the opportunity, Gexka will plan out a strategy with every action predetermined and have several backup plans besides. However, he will also charge right in, relying only on his own skill and instincts. In a fight, Gexka's greatest assets lay in his ingenuity and survivability and he is effective both from a distance and up close and personal. Gexka is fairly laidback and optimistic. He's friendly and jokes around with (steals from) everyone. You either love him or hate him, but he will view you as a friend till circumstances dictate otherwise. Of course he's not the least bit trustworthy and will steal the clothes off your back and sell them off in his pawn and thrift shop.
Resident Thief of The Dark City
Lightborne Nobody
Explosive throwing knives
Chaotic Good
Slightly tanned
Dark green
Dark brown
Curly, messy
Green and brown camouflage cargo pants, thick brown hiking boots, dark green t-shirt, brown and black coat, black gloves. Greens, browns, and blacks in general.
nearly indestructible boots and gloves/ his coat is pretty tough
Daggers, throwing knifes, body


Gexka’s number one priority is self-preservation. To steal everything (especially whatever’s in the castle’s vault). To experience as many things as he can. To protect his home and friends.

Gexka just wants to have a good time and experience new things. He may steal from you, but he's a loyal friend. While Gexka won't intentionally harm anyone, he will kill if necessary. Gexka is an optimistic opportunist.

He’s always cracking jokes whether intentional or not. He loves to laugh.

has an irresistible draw to valuables and anything shiny (kleptomaniac) /clumsy (except when fighting)/ is never serious/ has a bottomless stomach/ can be both reckless and overly cautious

clumsy and knows it/ loves to eat/ loves to read/ kleptomaniac and knows and loves it/ Gexka's thumbs glow green when he is using his ability to manipulate plants

an end to new experiences/ isolation

Gexka isn't too emotional but he knows when to laugh and when to cry. When Gexka does get emotional he'll get over it quickly. The only things Gexka can't stand are being used to get at someone else and intentional torture.
Dark City streets
15th century Oppidum, Somewhere or Other
The Coat, Fira
The Coat, those aligned with the Dark City
Object removal specialist (theif). Gexka also runs a thrift and pawn shop. It is a small run down shop, but you can order anything there for the right price. ABSOLUTLY ANYTHING! Behind it is a warehouse were Gexka meticulously stores his ill-gotten gains.
There is something after death and it will be interesting. Death is not the end of experience
Abandoned as a child in 15th century somewhere or other, Kage (pronounced 'cage') quickly became a thief to survive. Doing any job or crime, Kage quickly became a wanted criminal. One day Kage was captured (he believes he was set up) during a large heist to steal a powerful magical book. He was sentenced to be hanged. But moments before he was hung he simply vanished in a flash of light. He was transferred into an empty dimension that runs parallel to his own yet unconnected. He could see and hear everything that happened, but could not interact with any portion of the world. He did not need to eat or sleep and simply wandered space and time. He eventually went mad and was consumed by darkness. He wakes up as a Nobody in the dark city with parts of his memory of his imprisonment gone. He later learns that the tome he stole was what transferred him to him to the other dimension, thus saving his life. (Gexka gained his abilities sometime between the transfer and arriving in the Dark City.)
Current date/time is Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:21 pm