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Character sheet from BruxiXXVIII

 Bio :
A man whose journey has brought him through Hell time and time again, Bruxi is a realistic and naturally cold individual. However, he is also a natural-born fighter. He is known amongst all Nobodies, though his reputation varies.
 Full Name :
Bruxi Everest
 Nicknames :
Papicicle, Ice-Cube, Frosted Flake, Frosty
 Voice :
 Title :
Winter's Wrath
 Race :
 Battle Type :
Close Ranged
 Primary Role :
 Sub-role :
 Innate Abilities :
 Physical Abilities :
 Mental Prowess :
 Weapon Proficiencies :
 Magical Powers :
 Resistance :
 Weaknesses :
 Personal Items :
 Passive Abilities :
 Non-PVP Abilities :
 Trademark Ability :
Ice Manipulation and Dark Ice Manifestation.
 Signature Attack :
Dark Descent: Bruxi, while wielding a weapon, performs a wide horizontal sweep. He then takes the inertia and proceeds to leap high into the air, followed up by a violent descent directed at his opponent.
 Ultimate Attack :
Deep Freeze: The Heavens shall part, and a blizzard shall begin around him in a large radius, dropping the temperature over time. During this period, Bruxi's powers slowly scale higher and higher, until he reaches Frozen Sage Form.
 Alignment :
Chaotic Good
 Age :
 Gender :
 Height :
 Weight :
232 lbs.
 Body Type :
 Skin :
Pale, with a bluish tint.
 Eyes :
 Hair Color :
 Hair Style :
 Attire Style :
 Fashion of Choice :
Organization cloak, with hood off.
 Armor of Choice :
Just his cloak.
 Weapons of Choice :
All traditional non-mechanized weapons.
 Appearance Specifics :
 Personality :
GoalTo do that which needs to be done.
HumorHe finds many things funny, give it a try! ^^
QuirksIs bad around women; he gets very shy and nervous.
EmotionsHas a good lid on his emotions, in general. However, like anybody, it can get the best of him.
 Place of Residence :
Organization Castle
 Place of Birth :
Primordial Glacier
 Relatives :
Hoxama (Brother, but not by blood.)
 Enemies :
Whoever challenges.
 Allies :
All Org+ Members
 Occupation :
 Religion/Philosophy :
It is what it is.
 Reputation :
 Sexual Orientation :
 History :
Born from the Primordial Glacier, Bruxi first came to the World cold, alone and bewildered. In time, the Nobody's past life surfaced, awakening his latent powers. Throughout his adventures, Bruxi's ideas of the world had made him very bitter, his Heart taking in a bit too much Darkness, corrupting his magical energy. However, through his travels, on one day, Bruxi arrived at a tavern, Seventh Heaven. It was here that Bruxi's life would never be the same. (Cliche? Cliche.) Bruxi definitely had one too many, and eventually got into a dispute with an uncouth vagrant, who proceeded to land a hook on Bruxi's frigid jaw. He snapped. The duo then proceeded to engage in a brawl that ended up leveling the bar- and then some. Afterwards, the battered pair came to a standstill- until the authorities arrived. They then were forced to go on the run together, eventually bonding over the years, enough to call one another brothers. Eventually, they were recruited into the Organization.



Rank: Level 18
Level 18

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