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Character sheet from Leore

 Bio :
 Full Name :
 Nicknames :
Leo, Leora, Leana
 Voice :
 Title :
The Mind Game
 Race :
 Battle Type :
 Primary Role :
 Sub-role :
 Innate Abilities :
 Physical Abilities :
 Mental Prowess :
 Weapon Proficiencies :
 Magical Powers :
 Resistance :
 Weaknesses :
 Personal Items :
 Passive Abilities :
 Non-PVP Abilities :
 Trademark Ability :
 Signature Attack :
[Leore: None][Leo: Telekinetic push] [Leana: Psionic guns][Leora: Psionic Constructs]
 Ultimate Attack :
Leore: Constriction Leana:
 Alignment :
Chaotic Neutral
 Age :
Young Adult
 Gender :
 Height :
Leore/leora: 5'11
 Weight :
Leore: 185/ Leo: 165/ Leana: 160/ Leora: 180
 Body Type :
Average Build
 Skin :
All: Brown
 Eyes :
All: Hazel
 Hair Color :
Leore: Short Black clean cut hair/ Leo: Short black ruffled hair/ Leana: shoulder length curly black hair often in ponytail/ Leora: Short neck length black messy hair
 Hair Style :
 Attire Style :
 Fashion of Choice :
Leore: Dark lonesome colors. Leo. dry colors that dont stand out. Leana wears Vibrant colors. Leora whatever the she had on prior to change.
 Armor of Choice :
 Weapons of Choice :
Psyonic Weaponry Mainly used by Leore and Leora.
 Appearance Specifics :
 Personality :
GoalNone so far.
OutlookLeore stays adamant. Leo is shy and very timid. Leana is bubbly and loves people. Leora is violent and tends to be to aggressive.
HumorLeana is the only one who attempts the funny.
NegativitiesRandomly Shifts between each other.
QuirksNone. besides the whole Personality defect.
FearsLeo is the only one with fears essentially.
 Place of Residence :
 Place of Birth :
 Relatives :
 Enemies :
 Allies :
 Occupation :
 Religion/Philosophy :
 Reputation :
No Reputation
 Sexual Orientation :
 History :
Leore is a 21 years old Multi-psych. His mental powers are very strong and were like that from when he was young. Around the age of 9 his Power Sky rocketed ad he lost control of what he thought he had. Releasing so much stored psychic power resulted in a major brain defect. Multiple Personality dissorder. But not just any form of it, his power altered his own reality, changing not just his personality but his Body as well. He spontaneously shifts inbetween personalities and in doing so becomes a whole different person all together. The shifts are Random and He didnt know that he shifted prior the first arriving hehere in the dark city, none of them did, they all just assume they blacked out. no memory of what the other was doing and so on. Quite complicated for him to live he ventured out of his home town and found himself here. How he has no clue due to the spontaneous shifts and neither of them knowing where to go and their own ideas of going places. It was just horrible. Upon arrival in the dark city they (the personas) met a few other 'unique' people. that mentioned it and trI'd to help him, her, them understand the problem. with time leore decided he should focus on fifixing the problem hopefully getting rid of the other personalities leaving his own the only personality. using his psych he mentally connected with himself... each of himself only to find out that each one had been attached to the same mind for so long that they each had equal power over it. so getting rid of them wasn't happening; hhowever upon this discovery, they gained a new ability. telepathy, they can now communicate with each other threw thoughts. even though the change still happens, and is still random. also he can use telepathy to communicate with other people as well. each one of them can at any time. however only the visible person can use the other abilities and/or control the current body.



Rank: Level 11
Level 11

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