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 Bio :
A young Soulsmith born in the town of Bariamin, before it was destroyed in The Great Demon War. Able to create weapons of the highest caliber and gifted with the ability to enchant any weapon and create weapons out of any material. Acerva was cursed at the age of 21 with immortality after managing to overcome a Demonic death curse set upon him by the demon that mudered Acerva's brother, Jerenz. Doomed to everlasting life Acerva found that overcoming the curse had also given rise to a host of new powers, one of which has allowed him to find his way into the Dark City where he now resides in his new forge.
 Full Name :
Acerva Grim
 Nicknames :
 Voice :
 Title :
The Soulsmith
 Race :
 Battle Type :
 Primary Role :
 Sub-role :
 Innate Abilities :
 Physical Abilities :
 Mental Prowess :
 Weapon Proficiencies :
 Magical Powers :
 Resistance :
 Weaknesses :
 Personal Items :
 Passive Abilities :
 Non-PVP Abilities :
 Trademark Ability :
Shadow Step: Allows him to move short distances (1 meter/3 feet roughly) within an instant, however cannot use this ability when he is close to death without an immense exertion of strength
 Signature Attack :
Reaper's Greeting: Acerva steps out of his opponents shadow and begins a combo of scythe swipes before launching his opponent into mid air and hooking them down with his scythe back into the ground
 Ultimate Attack :
Grim Reality: Drags his opponents into the shadows forcing them into a dimension of pure shadows created by Acerva (Grim's World), allowing Acerva to teleport anywhere within. although the world rejects those who are unwilling to stay within Acerva can still force them to stay in there for a short duration (ten minutes at most) before the world collapses in on itself forcing the inhabitants back into the previous world
 Alignment :
Neutral Good
 Age :
Young Adult
 Gender :
 Height :
 Weight :
75 kg or about 165 lbs
 Body Type :
Average Build
 Skin :
 Eyes :
 Hair Color :
 Hair Style :
fairly Long Messy hair
 Attire Style :
 Fashion of Choice :
wears a torn black cloak and scarf with a simple dark gray hoodie and torn straight pants (fraying at the bottoms and the left knee area and right thigh area are torn horizontally and vertically respectively)
 Armor of Choice :
 Weapons of Choice : the scythe is 150cm in length and the blade is 85 cm in length and 20 cm at it's widest point
 Appearance Specifics :
 Personality :
GoalHe wishes to find a way to lift his curse and return to a normal life
Outlookis not averse to conversation, though he is still fairly striken by his brother's death he will still try to be as kind as he can be to others
Humorstill manages to take a joke, while he may be a wise cracker sometimes Acerva tends to be the one laughing than causing the laughs.
Negativitieshe tends to be fairly depressed but cannot stand by as someone gets hurt that he believes needs defending.
Quirkscan mumble to himself about possible weapons and other seemingly nonsense mutterings.
Emotionshe tends to be quite the blank canvas but can crack a faint smile or chuckle every now and then. has been known to sob in isolation. most his expressions can be seen on his face when he does feel them.
 Place of Residence :
Grim's World, often seen wandering the overworld though and even sleeping where he finds it most comfortable.
 Place of Birth :
an old cottage in the no longer existent town of Bariamin
 Relatives :
 Enemies :
 Allies :
Considers Gexka an ally
 Occupation :
 Religion/Philosophy :
believes that the world is still full of surprises and hope.
 Reputation :
 Sexual Orientation :
 History :



Rank: Level 7
Level 7

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