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Character sheet from XakariXLIII

 Bio :
 Full Name :
Xakari Greylocke
 Nicknames :
Guuld, D.H.M.
 Voice :
 Title :
The Electric Drifter
 Race :
 Battle Type :
 Primary Role :
 Sub-role :
 Innate Abilities :
 Physical Abilities :
 Mental Prowess :
 Weapon Proficiencies :
 Magical Powers :
 Resistance :
 Weaknesses :
 Personal Items :
 Passive Abilities :
 Non-PVP Abilities :
 Trademark Ability :
Creating electrical currents.
 Signature Attack :
Paralyzing someone with an electric current, then repetitevely slicing at their body with the dirk, and releasing them paralysis so the feeling of pain instantly rushes them and forces their brain into shock.
 Ultimate Attack :
Uses elecric abilities to create an electromagnetic field around self, pulling in any metal in the vicinity and creating a tornado of electrified metal.
 Alignment :
Neutral Good
 Age :
Young Adult
 Gender :
 Height :
6' 5
 Weight :
220 lbs.
 Body Type :
Average Build
 Skin :
Light Tan
 Eyes :
 Hair Color :
Dark Goldenrod
 Hair Style :
Unkempt Shoulder Length
 Attire Style :
 Fashion of Choice :
A gold cloak worn over armor and conceals whole body. Hood always worn up. Contains metal threads to conduct electricity.
 Armor of Choice :
Leather cuirass and leggings, with wolfskin boots..
 Weapons of Choice :
Bastard Sword, Dirk
 Appearance Specifics :
 Personality :
GoalTo protect those he cares about from any harm.
OutlookHas a very joking attitude, and is on good terms with anyone who won't kill him or those he cares about.
NegativitiesWhen angry, loses ability to reason.
QuirksLoves water, even though it's bad for him.
EmotionsTypically appears happy, yet misses his family. Instinctively looks at locket from time to time.
 Place of Residence :
 Place of Birth :
 Relatives :
Adoptive brother and father. Both dead.
 Enemies :
Anyone against him.
 Allies :
Anyone not against him.
 Occupation :
 Religion/Philosophy :
 Reputation :
No Reputation
 Sexual Orientation :
 History :
Appeared on a random planet as a child with no memory. Taken in by a blacksmith and his son. Taught how to hold weapons and work a smithy. Adoptive brother went to war, never to return. His bastard sword and dirk were given to Xakari when the news reached them. Soon after, his father died in an accident when his forge exploded. He took the locket from his father as a memento, and left. He has been drifting about ever since. It has been 7 years since then, making him 17.



Rank: Level 4
Level 4

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