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Character sheet from KaxiaXLI

View a character sheet FullSizeRender_zps8b92dwco
Kaxia Keawe
Shooting with a bow and arrow
Combines her elementalist abilities to both protect herself and deal out massive damage
Neutral Good
Young Adult
5'5(human form) 5'9(dryad form)
121lbs(human form) 134lbs(dryad form)
Tanned(human form) Greyish-green(dryad form)
Snow White (human form) Made of wild grass, bark, and wild flowers (Dryad form)
Short with a single long braid (human form) Kind of everywhere...(dryad form)
Forest green tank top, tights or skinny jeans, bare feet(preferably) or hiking boots. Nothing too heavy and nothing that will easily snag on something else. She didn't have clothes when she first came to the city, so the clothes she wears now is not what she wore when she was a Somebody. Has various ear piercings, but doesn't wear large hoops dangling earrings unless for an event. When in her dryad physiology, she is mostly naked with leaves covering her genitalia. Her hair is a mixture of wild grass, flowers, and branches.
If necessary, a leather jacket or a wool shawl to protect from environmental conditions. In her dryad form, she can cover herself in bark as a form of armor.
Bow and arrow, tomahawk, throwing knives, a hunting knife


To enjoy life by experiencing new and different things and by finding the beauty in different people.

Finds small talk to be boring and unnecessary, would much rather talk about deep, thought-provoking topics. Willing to try new things, but knows when its time to leave and will not hesitate to do so. Doesn't care so much what others think of her, and lives life at her own pace. Quiet, but by no means shy. Both an extreme rationalist and dreamer at the same time. Believes anything is possible within reason. Not an extremely extroverted person, but is by no means shy. Not afraid to speak her mind, but also not willing to give her opinion unless asked. Once she has formed a deep bond with a person, she is endlessly caring. However, once you have lost her respect, it is difficult to regain it.

Can be very lighthearted sometimes, but offensive jokes (of any nature) can quickly make her lose respect for a person.

She can often appear cold and uncaring because of how blunt she is with her comments. However, in truth, she will rarely say something bad about someone behind their back. If she has a problem with someone, she is straight-forward, and will generally try to work it out.

Because she doesn't care much for how others perceive her, she will often defy social norms without batting an eye. Despite her handiness in the wild, she is hopelessly incompetent at using technology.

Her friends getting hurt.

Generally happy, despite her sometimes aloof personality. If she deems someone as not worth her time, she will simply not interact with them. However, she is extremely caring and willing to lay down her life for those she cares about.
Dark City
A forest somewhere...
She is the daughter of a dryad and a human
Anyone who wants to hurt the people or things she cares about.
The Organization
No Reputation
Kaia or Kaxia (after she became a nobody) is the daughter of a wood nymph and a human. From the moment she was born she had a strong connection with nature. Her dryad roots meant that she would have normally lived with her mother for the first twelve years of her life. However, her mother's tree was cut down when Kaia was only six years old, at which point her father continued to raise her as a human child. Her father, a hunter, taught her how to hunt for food, make her own weapons, and survive in the wilderness as someone with human mortality. However, her mother had passed on to Kaia superhuman abilities such as the ability to change from her more human physiology to a more dryad-like physiology in which she has the elementalist ability to control plants. Her mother also passed on to Kaia part of her immortal abilities such as fast healing. At twelve years old, Kaia’s father passed away suddenly from illness. Unable to pay for her father’s cabin in the town she had lived in, Kaia left to live in the forest she was born. Completely at home amongst the flora and fauna of the land, Kaia honed her ability to read nature’s signs and her hunter-gatherer instincts as well as her agility and sense of direction. On occasion, she would return to town to barter with shopkeepers and stay up-to-date on the most recent news. She was part feral child, part dryad, and part socialized human being. Not long after she turned twenty years old, the forest and town Kaia spent her time in became flooded with heartless. Unable to protect her home, Kaia eventually fell to the large swarms of heartless that overtook the world she cared for. Soon after she took her last breaths as a somebody, Kaxia awoke in a large field. The only visible landmark was a city in the distance: Dark City. Unarmed and vulnerable, Kaxia made her way to the city to get her bearings.
Current date/time is Sun Aug 18, 2019 8:13 pm