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Character sheet from ClerxhaXVI

 Bio :
 Full Name :
Clerxha (kler-eks-ha)
 Nicknames :
Clerx or Cler or whatever else people come up with
 Voice :
 Title :
The bookworm
 Race :
 Battle Type :
 Primary Role :
 Sub-role :
 Innate Abilities :
 Physical Abilities :
 Mental Prowess :
 Weapon Proficiencies :
 Magical Powers :
 Resistance :
 Weaknesses :
 Personal Items :
 Passive Abilities :
 Non-PVP Abilities :
 Trademark Ability :
Invisibility and Inangibility.
 Signature Attack :
 Ultimate Attack :
 Alignment :
Neutral Good
 Age :
Young Adult
 Gender :
 Height :
4' 11
 Weight :
105, 180 with the weighted cloak
 Body Type :
 Skin :
Olive complexion with light freckles on her cheeks, nose, and arms. The scar on her forehead is a lighter olive tone. When she uses her magical constructs, tattoos glow on her skin although they're otherwise invisible.
 Eyes :
Warm brown, with a spot of green in the left.
 Hair Color :
Light brown with natural blonde and red highlights.
 Hair Style :
Her long hair is kept up either in a bun or in braids.
 Attire Style :
 Fashion of Choice :
She wears a purple and black halter top, black shorts, and a wraparound skirt underneath her modified Organization Cloak. She wears a pair of black combat boots.
 Armor of Choice :
Light material armor that won't weigh her down- only during missions.
 Weapons of Choice :
Poisons, her senbon launcher, and a hairpin that doubles as both a senbon and a senbon-tipped metal fan.
 Appearance Specifics :
 Personality :
GoalCler just wants to have fun, be herself, and make friends, since she never had the chance to do that before. She'll go overboard trying to keep everyone else happy and healthy.
OutlookShe wants to be friends with as many people, and help in whatever way she can.
HumorSarcasm. Cler tends to laugh at most kinds of humor, but is easily oblivious to crude jokes (though she'll end up laughing anyway).
NegativitiesShe fades in and out of conversations, and has a tendency to forget. She'll occasionally snap angrily, and then regret it.
QuirksCler pulls on her hair whenever she's nervous. She sometimes rubs her scar when trying to remember a faded memory. Her speech pattern changes frequently. She also goes out of her way to avoid cursing.
FearsLosing her family and friends.
EmotionsShe smiles and scowls. But when she's really mad she'll either fall silent or snap in a rage.
 Place of Residence :
Her apartment in the Dark City, although she does have a room in the castle.
 Place of Birth :
A castle in a country called Wyrnsbain; far away.
 Relatives :
Adoptive siblings: Annalise deGreis and a brother.
 Enemies :
Anyone who crosses her, the organization, her friends, or family. Oh, and the people who kept her locked up.
 Allies :
Hopefully everyone! (who isn't her enemy)
 Occupation :
Bookstore owner and assassin.
 Religion/Philosophy :
Christianity, but not very strict.
 Reputation :
 Sexual Orientation :
 History :
When her somebody was about eight, she died in a fire. Clerxha woke up with no memory of what her somebody's history had been. The people in the castle took care of her, despite experimenting on her because of her magical procficiencies. Over time, she learned to control her memories and emotions. Discovering that she could become invisible and intangible, Clerxha ran away. After about a year or two of traveling, she found the Organization.



Rank: Level 26
Level 26

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