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Post by Acero Hierro on Sun Jun 07, 2015 11:47 pm

Okay I'm back again!
Once again!
Acerro Hierro, el capitain!
Shit went so hard gotta do it again!
This time, they'll call me champion!

Rank status mean what to me? Not a damn thing, go train
And you best believe this time around, you ain't never gonna beat the game!

Cause I got Kané to my left! And some other dude to my right!
You ain't doing shit with your Sketch-y shit, say hello to my metallic might!

I don't know what the hell you expectin!
I said I was a vetertan!
You practically live in the infirmary, so who you better than?

You've got that spell check, that's ruff and tuff
But my mind alone throws fist-a-cuffs
I got an rp skill so high
I'll make your ass look like DB Kai!

See your first mistake was underestimatin and actin like you know me
Cause the way you RP this shit right now, we should call you Bella's cloney!

Acerro! Is the champion of RP-ing, fly in this bitch like a Lexi, lookin all sexy, no, you can't text me.

Can't hold me back, I'm something like a Bruxi, Imma show RP newbies how you're supposed to rap, you ain't close to that! I'll show how to steal, send a Gexka in, now you know you trapped!

God damn! All I do is win! Axelia copy number one! I'm loadin, I'm aimin, breath holdin, I'm shootin, I'm gone!
You might as well wave bye bye, I don't even try when I RP with you guys,  you just small fries with a drink on the side, got Kexan on my side and he's shocking anybody that I tell him to cause you ain't about to ruin my stride! Ditch!

Oh you ain't know?  My Badassery is sweet!
You gotta start from District 15 everytime you taste defeat!

And how I'm doing this RP, you'll be vanishing like Clerxha
Then you'll become a failed dancer and drop like freaking Texherha!

Movin through dark city, nothin but some freakin drones
They say my flows too hot I'm like a Rixup when I burn their bones

Darker than Mayix, Dark Beams
You ain't got strong enough light streams
You beating me, that's a Sphinx dream
You vanilla soft, that's ice cream

Acerro in this bitch, uterus
You're like Chris Lain, on that stupid shit
Just like Fira, I nuke this shit
You infatuated, that Acerva shit

Oh you feelin real? Ask what happens when you diss me
Man I'm all up in this Hell-Fire Heat, Muraxami

Man I'm lethal so evil I'm like a Maxech when I hunt them down
An Aixus when I make them drown
Zexor, whe I flash around

You wanna challenge me, get in line but no you won't defeat me
Man this shit's too easy
Treatin y'all like feces.

Yo! What up tho? What's gucci? What's Guac? This is my way of saying "Guess who's back, back, back, back again, gain, gain, Shady's back, back back, tell a fren, fren, fren" Fren is how I spell friend. Got a problem with that? SHOVE IT UP.....the complaint box...jeez, I wasn't bout to insult no one. I'm just here to say I'm backsies. So yeah. Imma go eat some hotdogs now. Yup. Some good old fashioned hotdogs. Put some ketchup on that shit. Some honey mustard. Some crumbled up Lays potato chips on a slightly toasted hotdog bun with some mayonnaise spread on it and a strip of yellow American honest with good is this hotdog sounding to you...I'll let you know if your prediction is correct when it's in MY STOMACH! THAT'S RIGHT! BE PEANUT BUTTER AND JEALOUS! Jk...jk...anywhore ....BYE HAVE A BEAUTIFUL TIME! ! !

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