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Getting to know my City.

Kexan XV
Kexan XV
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Getting to know my City.

Post by Kexan XV on Sat May 09, 2015 9:08 am

"Other than what I have been told by others about the status of The Dark City, I have never witnessed it for myself."
"Today, I will take this matter into my own hands."

It had been awhile since I had stepped foot off castle grounds.
The look of the Dark City from afar was more of what I was used to.

Once past the amass of security drones, I had arrived at the first district where four drones had begun following close to me for unneeded protection.
I was told this area was the most tame of the seven districts, this being the center district.
I assumed it would be, since it had the most security and was nearest to my quarters.

The streets were nearly clear of any denizens.
I was hoping to speak to a few about their living conditions.
From afar, I had spotted a few "Numberless", as dubbed by other members.
They had not noticed me yet and I had hoped to get a word with them.
However, as soon as my presence was known, fear struck their faces before sprinting into the nearest building.
It hadn't come to my attention when I had become such a feared Leader.

"What has happened here?"

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Level 7

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Re: Getting to know my City.

Post by Acerva on Sun May 10, 2015 11:13 am

Walking the streets i felt an eerie sense of dread, there was nary a person in sight and the world was quiet. I look around as I walk, trying to find some sign of life. Rounding the corner i notice i've entered a part of the city i'd not seen yet, At least this city keeps itself interesting suddenly noticing a person in the distance i make my way directly to them stopping near them.

I take notice of four strange contraptions that were following the man I had come accross. becoming distracted i stare at them curiously, attempting to poke them and wondering just what they were meant to be and what they were meant to do.

"We are thinking on the basest of planes, what we need are more eyes" ~ Master Willem

"People are weak, because of their weakness they sometimes behave in ways devoid of self-respect, but then what if they do my old friend? Even if I am struck with a thousand setbacks it does not serve as a reason to alter the way I live my life" ~ Klaus V Reinherz
Kexan XV
Kexan XV
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Level 14

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Re: Getting to know my City.

Post by Kexan XV on Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:20 am

Immediately, the drone forcefully turns around, elbowing Acerva in the face in the process and proceeds to aim their guns at him.


More drones appear on each roof and have Acerva painted in red dots.


I turn around and realize the situation.
Before I could see who was involved, a wall of droids came between us.

Muraxami XXXIX
Muraxami XXXIX
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Re: Getting to know my City.

Post by Muraxami XXXIX on Mon Jun 22, 2015 3:13 pm

Muraxami looks up with a hotdog in his mouth, chewing slowly as he looks at the drones, and then Acerva... Mura pushes Acerva through a window into a building so the drones lose his presence. Mura then walks past the drones after waving the drones out of "combat status". He stands next to his master as he swallows the food and looks at him.

"What is this? You're outside? Surprising, I'm actually delighted you decided to get some fresh air.. What are you doing anyway?"

Mura looks around and sees some numberless peeking through the curtains at the two of them. He sighs and wonders why they are feared... Maybe because Mura blew up half of the Shopping district?

"The Beast has been awakened. .."

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Re: Getting to know my City.

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