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Rules and Regs (Must Read)

Kexan XV
Kexan XV
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Rules and Regs (Must Read) Empty Rules and Regs (Must Read)

Post by Kexan XV on Tue Aug 14, 2012 12:11 pm

Rules and Regs of Org.+ Forums

Well hi there, Nobodies. This here, if you haven’t already figured out, is the Forum for the Org.+ Site. Yea, sure, a regular forum would just have sections for different topics like School, Life, Video Games, etc. etc., but around here, we do things a tad bit differently.

I’m introducing you all to an art form known as Roleplay; Otherwise known as Rp or “Arpee”. Don’t be scared now. Think of it as a type of game you play with words. You don’t have to be a great writer (though it helps), you just need basic grammar skills and a good imagination. What you’ll be doing is controlling your character with your words. His actions, thoughts, words, emotions…you will take on the Role of the character and Play as him. Get it? Rather simple, no? Well see, there has to be rules installed now, doesn’t there? Since we’re in the world of words, we need not only physical rules like gravity and strength, but social rules of bad language and vulgarity, as well as rules installed to make sure no character can be too powerful. So, let the rules commence:

1. Stay Thy Tongue.

Watch the foul language, kiddies. There are no age limits on this forum, and we don’t want to be responsible for some 6 year old reading the Eff word out loud so his parents overhear and get him in trouble. Be presentable with your text. Of course, the occasional “hell”, “damn”, and “ditch” can be slipped in for good measure, but do not overuse or abuse this privilege; and I hereby ban F-bombs.

2. Adorn Thy Speech

This can be summed up in two sentences: Use varied words, and no one-liners. Don’t be starting every sentence with “he” or “I”, and don’t put a sentence as a post. When you post your action, use some descriptive, creative, and imaginative language (for bad writers I recommend a thesaurus )and the minimum post rule will be 5 sentences; the more the better, of course, but make sure you don’t use run-on sentences or three page long essays, either.

3. Bunny Not Thy Neighbor

No Bunnying. Bunnying means controlling another player's actions. When you’re fighting, if the other person has not posted an action, you may not post it for them. Now, there’s a kind of exception to this rule. It’s one thing to say “I punch you in the gut, and as you keel over, I knee you in the face.” Keeling over is a natural reaction that is more than likely to happen, but of course, if the other character has enough time/space/reflex ability, he can simply dodge the first punch. But it’s a completely other thing to say “You punch me, and I grab your fist” If the person never punched. Don’t worry kids, I’ll be monitoring all posting and I’ll help you realize the lines to draw. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

4. Thou Art Not God

No Godmodding. Your character is not a god, he is a nobody. He does not have omnipotent power/speed/strength/magic/prana/energy or whatever else you can think of. There are limits. You cannot jump twenty stories, you cannot move faster than the speed of sound, you cannot dodge every attack, and you cannot land every hit. The basic rules of physics (as far as Kingdom Hearts goes) will apply strictly and I will be sure to monitor your actions. This is pretty much a common sense thing. Except for noobs, who have no common sense. They suck. I hate those. We should kill them.

5. Know Thy Place

Follow the rules, respect mods, and accept the consequences for breaking the rules. Now of course I’ll be lenient for people who don’t know how to Arpee yet, and I’ll just tell them when they make a mistake and ask them to correct it, but c’mon guys you’re not babies. No obsessive swearing, be grammatical and lengthy, don’t control other ppl’s posts and don’t play like you can’t lose. Any violation of the rules will result in:

A)    A strict and direct warning

B)     A suspension of Posting Privileges

C)    A suspension of your account

D)    Account Deletion

Any deleted accounts will go up in a Hall of Shame where we can all laugh and point fingers at the nooblets who thought they could stand up to mods. Hehehe.

Sorry but we’re only half way done now. We still need to worry about the Regs:

1. Posteth Twice Not

No Double-Posting. If you make a post, you are not allowed to make another one until someone else does. And if there are a lot of people involved in the thread, be nice and let everyone post at least once before you post a second time.

2. Thou Art Not Omnipresent

You can’t be in two places at once. If your character is currently practicing in the Training Room of the HQ, he can’t suddenly appear where a bad guy pops up to attack. He has to first find out about whatever else is going on, then you have write him leaving wherever he’s at, and then write him arriving at the new place. Now, traveling between worlds isn’t too much of an issue, we kinda teleport with the black stuff. (Which, by the way, you aren’t allowed to do in battle.)

3. Thou Mightst Not Maketh Thine Own Plots

No sub-plots. This means that if you don’t have permission to, you cannot start doing your own thing, making your own bad guys, having your own problems, or going to worlds all on your own etc. WE make the storyline, not you. Unless we ask you to.

4. Know Thy Place Part Two

Again, listen to the mods and obey the rules. The diff between a rule and a reg is that rules are set up to be followed for the betterment of the forum/site. Regs are set up to regulate, or keep under control, the on goings of the forum/site. Something that’s the same, however, is that breaking a reg constitutes the same penalties as breaking a rule.

Now that the painful dose of authority is dealt with…

HAVE FUN!! ^-^

(But obey the stinkin rules >.>)

∞. Additional Rules

1. Characters with under 100 posts within 6 months will be deleted. This means their posts will be kept on site and replaced by guest.

2. Number assignments for the Numbered will be assigned by admins/mods in order that we may fill in the ranks accordingly.

3. Character sheets are going to be reviewed and approved/edited. Failure to comply with changes will result in either a ban or deletion.

4. If your posts do not follow the requirements, you will get warning PMs. If you continue to not follow the rules, you will be banned for a period of time based upon the severity. 

5. Continuing to not follow rules after being banned will result in your character being deleted/permanently banned.

6. Changing your character sheet, mid-fight, is considered cheating and will not be allowed.

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