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Update on Elements and Magicks!

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Update on Elements and Magicks!  Empty Update on Elements and Magicks!

Post by BruxiXXVIII on Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:04 pm

Some elements may have attributes strong or weak against something not necessarily primal.

Common strengths/weaknesses often include (but are not limited to):

Fire — usually strong against wood, ice, or the undead. Weak to water, and sometimes, wind. Sometimes weak to stone or earth (but just as often strong against the latter especially if plant life is included in earth).

Ice — Strong or weak against fire. Fire and Ice will be equally strong against each other (similar to Light/Dark, mentioned below).
Ice is also often effective against reptiles and amphibians who naturally have a poor tolerance for extreme cold.

Earth — usually strong against electricity, and utterly ineffective against air although again this varies by the setting; when combined with plants it is weak to fire otherwise Earth is strong to fire and weak to water and/or ice, and sometimes it is effective against Wind/Air (also similar to Light/Dark).

Electricity — usually strong against water, but otherwise equal against fire and ice. Weak against earth. May be weak or strong against robots and machines.
Electricity can also be viewed as divine, and be effective against the undead for this reason (even if normal Light is not).
Can be pretty useless against grass elements, earth, rock, and every other related to mineral or with grounding capabilities.
Air and electricity can be the same element in some RPGs.

Water — usually strong against fire, weak to electricity, ice (if they're separate) and/or wood/grass. Sometimes strong against earth (since water erodes rock over time), or (instead of being weak to it) electricity.

Air — usually strong against earth, weak to fire (it spreads the fire) and electricity. Sometimes however, wind may blow flames off instead.

Nature — if it means plant life, then weak to fire and ice, and strong to water and earth. If it means 'what is natural or real', then usually particularly strong or weak to artificial, arcane, unreal, mechanical, or undead.

Metal — Strong against plant life, or the mystic and the "natural", weak against water (it rusts metal). May be strong or weak against fire and electricity (metal being both heat and electric insulator).

Lava — If one were to assume that Lava is a combination of Earth and Fire, then it would be a sum of its components: Weak to Water and Ice. Strong against Metal, Ice, Nature and Air.

Time — weak against darkness, air, or gravity, strong against mostly everything. Makes sense versus earth, water, and undead.

Gravity — weak against water, electricity, or light in most cases, strong versus time and earth. Gravity and darkness are often on equal footing strangely enough.

Space — Is often on equal footing with Time. May overlap with gravity in some cases. May be weak or strong against air.

Light and Dark are usually conflicting forces who are equally strong against each other, but weak as a defense. Light is usually effective against the undead and other evil beings such as demons, while Dark is effective against "good" beings such as angels. Light and Dark may be the same element if the MCs are True Neutral or often to equal on footing to be strong or weak vs. each other in some settings; other times they are portrayed as weak/strong to each other equally.
Light may be weak against plant life (since they absorb light for their growth). Darkness might be weak against fire (since it produces light).

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