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Character sheet from ChronixMCDXII

View a character sheet 3f5c25db3780afd007aa588421e0c009-d8mascv
Transmitting...3....2...1... Transmission Complete. Project Completion Progress:92% Dr.Llum Audio Journal 512: Subject 1412 has been fairing quite nicely with the treatment, he has successfully been able to control light being able to change the way his target sees the world. He distorted the light so much during the trials that there is no use in recording our progress anymore all the cameras received distorted images and blinding lights here and there. He has lasted longer than any other subject has before. He may be the one that will be able to wipe out our targets of interest but only time will tell and he is far from being ready for work out on the field. However, there is some cause for concern with his restraints, the terminals are being overloaded trying to suppress his neural network. He has been able to cause a strain on the network and forced us to end the trials early. I contacted Dr. Kura for extra servers to ensure the safety of everyone in this facility. As of right now, subject 1412 is uploaded to the Neural Network, going through various virtual simulations to prepare him for the next trials. Facility Station: Hyperion Audio Recording: Guard 1: “Dr.Llum the subject has escaped!” Dr.Llum: “Impossible! He was in the Neural Network he couldn’t have broken free.” Guard 2: [radioing in on the emergency intercom system] “Sir, the subject is on the upper floor! We have thrown everything we have at him but he won’t die the ammo just goes right through him!!! The entire floor has been cleared and 3 in my squad are wounded!” Dr.Llum: “This can’t be!!! You fool, he is using his powers to trick you!!” Guard 2: “No, wait ple-“[the sound of blood splattering to the ground echoes through the intercom] Guard 1: “Sir, we need to evacu-[Chronix comes in and slices the guard’s throat] Dr.Llum: “You performed better than I expected, 1412, [Llum turns toward the window looking out at the sea of guards in the hangers below] you really are our greatest creation. So what will you do now, kill me?” Chronix: “where is my father?” Dr.Llum: ”You still think that a Nobody like you actually has a father? Dr. Kura never loved you, Boy! You just another test subject that he brought in for us to tinker with and you were perfect!! Subject 1412, The Hyperion Project, you were meant to be nothing but a tool, boy! And it seems so was everyone in this facility…It seems that Dr.Kura knew you would break free eventually…I guess he wanted the field test earlier than I recommended. You aren’t even here… are you, 1412?” Chronix: “Can’t fool you Doctor, [Crow takes out a dagger and throws it at Dr.Llum heart and it passes right through Dr.Llum the Doctor steps back as the real dagger goes through Crow’s illusion and pierces his heart.] Dr.Llum: “Boy, take my word, Dr. Kura will not stop till you are in his hands….he will not stop till you are his slave.. He will do the job himself and funny enough, HE wants me dead because I know that he is a nobody as well and he goes by the name - >”
Chronix Kura
The Crow
Johnny Bosch (Lelouch)
The Imperceptable Assassin
Light manipulation
absorbs light and makes him appear far away only to kill his tagerts by surprise when he stabs the air from a distance and they are wounded
Crow absorbs light around him and blasts it out all at once to blind his foes for 5 seconds and then swiftly starts to attack the target
Chaotic Neutral
Young Adult
Very light tan
crystal blue
frost white
spiked chained waist swords


Kuraixis' goal is to find more about his past

Neutral outlook

All types of humor

Tries to distance himself from others

Likes to analyze every situation

Fears the past that he cannot remember

The World that Never Was
Keyblade Graveyard
No Reputation
Current date/time is Sun Aug 18, 2019 7:39 pm