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Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery

Kané Dendou
Kané Dendou
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Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery - Page 3 Empty Re: Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery

Post by Kané Dendou on Fri Mar 06, 2015 4:26 am

I sat there listening to Kexan's speech...
for the third time this week...

"You're a real prick."
"You must be bored as hell."
"Don't you have a job?"

Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery - Page 3 Twitte11
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Kexan XV
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Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery - Page 3 Empty Re: Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery

Post by Kexan XV on Fri Mar 06, 2015 4:34 am

"Being a prick is my job."
"Your job is done."
"Are we going to sit here for 15 minutes having this conversation again?"
"Go make some popcorn or something, your boredom is contagious."

*hangs up*

Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery - Page 3 Kexanx11
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Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery - Page 3 Empty Re: Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery

Post by Lexi LXX on Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:39 pm

Lexi looked down at Rexus hearing him mumble something. She watched as his as closed, fearing the worst especially with his condition, she gently pressed her lips to his forehead in a gentle (hopefully slightly healing) kiss. Just then and ice barrier forms around them and she looks up. She figures it was Clerxha and hearing her voice only confirmed so. She laid Rexus back down on the ground and stepped out to reinforce the ice. From the corner of her eye she saw something hit the other barrier and saw Clerxha fall. She was turning to fly over to help when a blast of flames catches her off guard sending her flying, crying out in pain. She hits the ground with a thud and after a moment manages to get on her hands and knees. She groans in pain but her eyes glow bright as her hands clench into fists. She yells out a rivaling battle cry and flies into the air, wings snapping open and a bright holy light surrounds her like white flames. As she presses closer her light pushes back Muraxami's hellfire. She stops in front of him and with all her might she creates an explosion of light that fills the city.

You were right to fear the Dark...

Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery - Page 3 Empty Re: Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 12, 2015 3:02 pm

Zexor groaned as he slowly began to come to. He opened his eyes half way and looked around. His vision was slightly blurry but was slowly clearing up. He then found himself on the ground unable to move surrounded by an ice barrier with Clerxha unconscious beside him and Lexi across from them with Rexus. He could not lift his head but he could hear an intense battle going on in the distance. It had to be Aixus and Mura. He closed his eyes as with a crash the new barrier was broken. He slowly pushed himself up, propping himself on his elbow groaning in pain. His eyes then widened as he saw another burst of hell fire flames coming at them. At the same time he saw Lexi go into a rage and then everything just went white.

As the light spread his ribs began to heal but it was all in vane. His eyes shot wide open and his loud excruciating cries of pain echoed through the city. He could feel the darkness in his arm piercing into hi heart. It was trying to hide from the light and was killing him in the process.

"No...I cant die..not now.."

He then looked forward and saw Lexi in the middle of the light. He smiled slightly as his wision began to blur again and he fell back on hi back. He slowly close his eyes as his heart rate got slowly and slowly then just stopped all together. Zexor, was dead.
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Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery - Page 3 Empty Re: Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery

Post by ClerxhaXVI on Thu Mar 12, 2015 3:57 pm

Clerxha stirs as Lexi's light somehow spurs her healing process. Her eyes flutter open just as Zexor falls to the ground. "No," she whispers, but she can't hear her voice over the sound of blood coursing through her veins. She sits up, reaching a hand to touch her forehead; there's dried blood that seeped into her hairline, but she's fine.

She reaches over to Zexor, still behind the ice shield--it's been repaired?--the thought crosses her mind, but she doesn't dwell on it. She places a hand on Zexor's neck, checking the strength of his pulse. Not finding one, she immediately begins a combination of CPR and healing. It's second nature to her, so her mind wanders as to why he would have deteriorated so quickly. Finishing the first cycle (as well as healing the internal bleeding and several of his cracked ribs), it clicks: the holy light and his dark arm. She spares a glance at the others and opens a Dark Portal. She heaves him over her shoulder and drags him through the portal, out of the light.

Please let this work, she silently prays as she lays him down in the darkness and continues healing him. And quickly. It's not even tiring to heal people anymore, but if he doesn't get a pulse or vitals back soon, she's going to have to leave him and return to the shopping district.

"And I'll watch from the shadows until the time is right." -Me
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Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery - Page 3 Empty Re: Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery

Post by Muraxami XXXIX on Sun Mar 22, 2015 7:13 pm

Muraxami goes flying through a building and hits his head on a wall hard. The light had made Murasaki go into a slumber once again. Mura rises and slams his hand through a wall... He looks outside the window seething in anger. It was no longer Murasaki coaxing him into attacking everyone, but his own anger now. He sprinted through the building and jumped out attempting to grab Lexi and slam her into the ground.

"The Beast has been awakened. .."

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Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery - Page 3 Empty Re: Lexi's Heavenly Sweet Bakery

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