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Character Sheet Setup

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Character Sheet Setup Empty Character Sheet Setup

Post by Kexan XV on Mon Feb 09, 2015 2:48 pm

On your Profile Page there are many fields for you to fill out information about yourself. On the last tab of your profile is a Character Sheet. Use that to tell everything there is to know about your character. First, activate the Character Sheet and it will ask specific Information. Below is a more descriptive version of what we are looking for as a reference.

Full Name: Full name of your character.

Nickname: What your character is called by other members.

Title: Your given title of rank in the Organization.

Race: The race of your character.

Archetype: The general class of your character. (You may choose 2 if necessary.)

-Alchemist- A magic user like a Wizard or Sorcerer that focuses of Alchemy.

-Assassin- sneak up on enemies and deal lethal damage before they can react.

-Beastmaster- uses powers to manipulate animals/monsters for their benefit.

-Bounty Hunter- focuses on tracking down and, typically, capturing or killing people for a reward.

-Brute- views strength and battle as the solution for every problem.

-Cavalier- leads the party, maintains high regard for honor, rides a mount, and spends time strategizing.

-Craftsman- strongly focuses on Crafting or Smithing.

-Defender- focuses on damage soaking and occupying enemies attention.

-Diplomat- able to haggle, negotiate, and bluff their way out of bad situations.

-Enchanter- focus on being able to make magical items.

-Entertainer- Bards or Wizards who specializes in illusion.

-Inquisitor- Focus on prevention of spell casting and dispelling magic.

-Machinist- known for their expertise with machinery and their ability to handle various devices.

-Magis- magic class that aims for the most damage output possible.

-Monk- geared towards martial arts and armorless fighting.

-Naturalist- connected with Nature, like a Druid, Ranger, or Shaman.

-Necromancer- focuses on raising the dead to do your bidding.

-Paladin- geared towards protection and healing.

-Peasant- is just a normal person, with no special talents.

-Priest- a divine magic class and focus on being a crusader,  evangelist, or healer.

-Ranger- a hunter, tracker, stealth artist, and tuned with nature.

-Sage- specialize in a particular school of magic.

-Scout- light class like a ranger or rogue that moves fast and scouts ahead of the party.

-Shapeshifter- allows a person to transform their body into the form of an animal/monster.

-Sharpshooter- focuses on fighting with a ranged weapon.

-Sorcerer- cast magic spells through talent instead of knowledge.

-Swashbuckler- focuses on agile melee fighting.

-Thief- a sneaky class like a ranger, rogue, or bard and specialize in picking pockets and locks, sleight of hand, and all forms of trickery.

-Warlock- uses blood magic or gains power through pacts with demons.

-Warrior- focuses on high melee damage output.

Abilities: Use the list below, and please use sense. You cannot be all-powerful, as I've said before. Be mindful that being powerful in one area may mean you are weak in another. Also, any sort of ability that really takes your need to depend on strategy will probably be banned.

-Innate abilities - Nobodies have the innate ability of using the corridors of darkness to travel. If you are a keyblade wielder, born with mystic powers, etc., name it here.

-Physicial abilities - any hand-to-hand combat training, and how good you are at physical, close range combat.

-Mental prowess - any psychic abilities or special knowledge your character possesses

-Weapon Proficiency - Any sort of item your character can use as a weapon beyond the normal expectations

-Magical Powers - Any magic or mystic abilities you have learned or attained.

-Resistance - anything your character is resistant to. ie, a skilled assassin could easily detect and counter sneak attack, and practiced magicians could have resistance to magic damage

-Weaknesses - Both flaws of your characters abilities, as well as their personalities.

-Personal Items - include weapons, armor, healing items, etc.

-Passive Abilities - an ability that is always active and doesn't require user interaction to use.

Trademark Ability: Ability that you are known for.

Signature Attack: Attack that you use the most.

Ultimate Attack: 
Your strongest attack.

Your moral compass.

How old your character looks.

The sex of your character.

How tall your character is.

How much your character weighs.

Body Type: 
The general physical appearance of your character.

Your characters skin tone.

Your characters eye color.

Hair Color: 
Your characters hair color.

Hair Style: 
Your characters hair style.

Attire Style: 
The general style of your attire.

You outright don't care what you're wearing.

You are just fine blending in with the rest.

You want to wear all the biggest, shiniest rings, necklaces, and trinkets you see.

You like bright colors and pretty patterns.

All that concerns you with clothing is comfort.

You don't care for fancy clothing or even if it's clean or torn.

You like to wear dark colors and rogue outfits.

You prefer long flowing gowns and robes, circlets, and subtle jewelry.

 You always look as if you're on your way to the Queens ball.

You like the wear dark clothing and makeup, leather, corsets, and trench coats.

-High Fashion-
 You wouldn't be caught dead in an outfit that wasn't made by a renowned designer.

You prefer to wear as little clothes as possible or none at all.

You like to wear chains, studs, leather coats, and bandannas.

You prefer to dress as a noble.

When people see the way you dress, they assume you are royalty.

You like to look good but don't take it to an extreme.

Fashion of Choice:  
Description of your clothing.

Armor of Choice: 
Description of your armor.

Weapon(s) of Choice: 
Description of your weaponry.

Appearance Specifics: 
Extra detail about your appearance.

Individual differences in behavior patterns, cognition and emotion of your character.

Your characters general goal in their current life.

How your character generally reacts to situations and meeting new people.

What your character finds funny.

 Things that aren't so great about your characters personality.

Strange things that your character does.

What your character fears.

 How your character expresses themselves.

Place of Residence: 
Where your character  currently lives.

Place of Birth: 
Where your character was born.

What other character is related to your character.

What characters are enemies of your character.

What characters are allies of your character.

What is your characters main job.

What does your character believe in.

How well your character is known.

Sexual Orientation: 
Your characters sexual preference.

Your characters story up until his/her encounter with the Org.

Character Sheet Setup Kexanx11

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