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How Bruxi became Mayix
Still thinking on it. Let's just say, it happened.

by BruxiXXVIII - Comments: 0 - Views: 584
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After the battle of the city in which Helios and his men devastated the region, Mayix grew pensive during the reconstruction and odd sense of peace whilst in the dark dwelling of the castle's basement. Perhaps...I was better as I was...perhaps I can reclaim that which was once lost...become...Bruxi once more...? And so, the dark man of mysterious beginnings set out to search for himself in the place of his old self's Somebody's land: The Frozen Mountain.

Upon arrival, he searched the barren and frozen tundra for something that called to him...something that...

by BruxiXXVIII - Comments: 0 - Views: 554
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A long time ago (a little more than 5 years ago) there was a lone Nobody born in the most inhospitable place a Nobody should ever be. A World of nothing but Shadows ruled by the Heartless. This lone Nobody had a gift. Alone and scared, this gift protected the little Nobody, fighting off every Shadow to come close while the little Nobody trembled in fear. This gift had a mind of its own, and cared for the little Nobody as its "Guardian Angel".

The gift had extraordinary abilities, which it used to protect the little Nobody. Until the gift was nearly overwhelmed by the Shadows which surrounded...

by Kexan XV - Comments: 0 - Views: 428
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There was something about the sky in this city. Something peculiar about it, it didn't feel normal. It felt different than normal skies, well at least from Leore's perspective it did. Alot of things have changed since he ran from home. His emotions were scrambled and his heart was jumbled. There where days he'd lose sleep from thinking too much and days he'd just have nightmares. It always bugged him, his changing that is, how he could sometimes fall asleep in a bed only to wake up in a dress or in a fight or in a corner. He didn't like it, he wanted to be himself again. He...

by Leore - Comments: 0 - Views: 425
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Gexka's past
In the area surrounding the Dark City Square the lights begin to flicker out one by one. A whistling wind picks up and it begins to drizzle slightly. Stray trash in the square begins to blow around and around in a circle. In the center of the circle, about four feet off the ground, a pinprick of putrid, neon, green light appears. The pinprick begins to slowly grow. As it becomes larger the sphere begins to crackle with yellow, electric-like energy. When it reaches a diameter of three feet the sphere stops growing. The yellow energy surrounding the sphere begins to surge frantically....

by The Coat - Comments: 11 - Views: 689
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(Set after The Loneliness of He Who Dwells in the Dark and New arrival in the city, but before the Uthra'malian arc)

Clerxha grinned, We’re going home today! Well… Lise is going home. But I get to see Ely. It’s been so long… And it’s been so long since Lise and I finally met up in the Dark City. She walked through the brick wall of her apartment and into her living room. “I hope I can help him.” she says in a barely audible voice.
“H-help who, sis?” The voice of Annalise deGreis came from the...

by Annie deGreis - Comments: 0 - Views: 342
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Cler's story... starting at the beginning.
Part I: The Fire.

Her somebody was born into a royal family. Perhaps royal was not the proper term, since the government had been transformed into a democracy-of-sorts nearly two centuries prior. But they were wealthy and kind- still even retaining their noble titles until a few generations before her somebody was born. That young girl was killed in the fire that swept the lives of her entire family.
But in her place, the darkness left Clerxha.
A nobody.
A person of neither darkness nor light.

by ClerxhaXVI - Comments: 2 - Views: 458
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This is part 2 of the first tale of the dragon since I didn't finish the story. well enjoy if you dare lol
After that very dredful day that I felt like I lost everything, my father my home and the bonds that all once I used to hold dearly.
I lost my father due to not only him but a secret society who deemed to destroy the Master of Uthra'mal, but they're demise of failing to kill the Master Uthra'mal but not only was he the supreme ruler he was a god.

Over the years even though what they were doing was wrong still that fact that my father was slain I had a burden on my heart and a vendetta against the Master of Uthra'mal and I vowed to kill him. Over the years my father closest friend...

by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 416
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Zero Kurai's Story
Zero Erementaru was his name. He died and became the Nobody known as Zexor. In tragic accident Zexor was on the verge of death and didnt have much longer. Xandy used her poower to bring back Zero in order to safe Zexors life. After Clerxha, Lexi, and Xaria/Xandy finally brought Zexor back to life, Zeros began to doe for a second time. He smiled as he welcome the embrace of death but before he could a dark portal opened and sucked him into it. 

The body reappeared in the deepest and darkest part of the forest. The darkness surrounded his body and engulfed him. It sunk into his body and...

by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 309
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I Promised...

I'ts dark, everything is dark...

I could tell i was in body, but i had no clue where my body was. In order to make sure i could move i slap my hand on my face and start feeling around. Sure enough every thing was intact and i realized why everything was black, my eyes were closed.


I open my eyes and yet from the position i was in, laying on my back, The sky was dark, and not The Dark City dark. Pitch black dark.

Nope, wasnt...

by Chris Lain - Comments: 0 - Views: 349
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my motive
"Why, was I brought in to this world, to suffer like no other. No one will ever understand the pain i've been through. losing a child, and not one, Six to be exact.
Each one dead before the light of a new day.I remember every time she killed one of my children she. she laughed right in my face as she called me useless waste of space. I was punished for 2 of my children dieing, how because my body was really weak from continously bearing children every year. It was horrible knowing i was possibly the cause of there deaths. I guess i deserved...

by Sketch - Comments: 34 - Views: 753
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My title is Dragon X of Uthra'mal, many dont know my real name because I believe those that know it can control not only your destiny but your soul. There are many secrets behind my title, and thats where I'm begining to tell my tale.

I was born in a small town of uthra'mal, my father Hageshii raised me and my sister Odayaka by himeself, we don't know who are mom was but our dad will always tell us stories on how much she loved us all. We grew up not wealthy but not poor, but just enough to make to it by. I lived an intresting life with my family considering the fact the my father was...

by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 283
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What really happened
Around the time of Sphinx's betrayal, Kexan had an idea for a Guardian who would guard this world since he couldn't do it himself.

But Nobody would have the dedication or strength to defend the whole world.

Then it hit him.

An artificial Guardian, programmed to defend.

Of course it would need to be strong enough to defend against the biggest of threats.

However, there was no power source known on this world to power such a being with such power.

Kexan was stumped.

It seemed this whole idea had been...

by Maxech IC - Comments: 0 - Views: 778
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It has been two months since Dolly died. Zex was in a sad shape for a while. Meeting Xandy made him forget, but the memory sat in his brain for all that time. As Zex was beginning to get closer to Xandy the memories continued to fade. But when Drax had brutally injured him and he heard Drax and Alyx saying that they still didn't trust him, all his memories came pouring back.
After he confronted Drax and he collapsed, his mind had complete blocked all memory of Dolly.
To Zex's mind she had never existed.

(A week after the incident in the park with Drax, Xandy, and Alyx)

by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 358
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I flip through the early pages of my book. A grimace appears on my face as I realize that not everything is as I 'remember' it. Some pages are bloodstained, others have streaks from tears, and most have uneven writing or doodles.

I read my first entry.
They gave me this book today. Happy 10th birthday, I guess. At least I'll be able to remember what has happened, now... There were more tests today. Can't they hear me when I say I don't want to? Yeah, I need to get out of here...
The entry continued for a the rest of the page. I vaguely remember...

by ClerxhaXVI - Comments: 0 - Views: 302
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Naxir wakes up this morning and stretches. She looks out the window with a smile on her face seeimg how she nearly mastered her ever so helpful Geomancy; however, since I am a terrible person I cant have her be happy. As she hoped out of bed she felt light headed and collapsed to the ground. Before she knew it her spirit was leaving her body and was heading in the direction of an all too familiar place. The court of the gods. The very reason she's in the world she is in now.
"Sorry Naxir, The Goddess of earth needs her geomancy back you...

by NaxirLXIX - Comments: 0 - Views: 293
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Befor Rina knew it she was fallimg threw a portal in the sky landing in the hands of none other than her brother in which she was born and raised with. Rina was filled with exuberance and glee. After coddling her brother and friends and crying out in enjoyment they found shelter and shared there secrets of the past experiance they had. Her friends a bit shocked at the people Rina met decided to teach her Judo and Taekkyon in exchange for the imformation she learned in the Organization+. After immense training they set back out on their previous journey. They were almost triumphant...

by NaxirLXIX - Comments: 1 - Views: 326
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Isabel Crane, who is she? What is she?
Her name is Isabel Crane. She comes from the human world and was named as Riot as that's all she caused as she was a stain on the human race. As a child and later in life, she suffered from fits, and exhibited uncontrolled rages. She had witness countless of gruesome acts at a young age that would soon help her madness grow. Raised in a privileged class with money and power proved to be a sadistic encouragement for the young woman. Born with the highest expectations she was well educated. Learning to read and write in four languages. She grew up to become a Surgeon. Surgery seemed to come natural...

by Ri0t - Comments: 0 - Views: 344
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I woke up with a start from sleeping on the counter in my shop and sighed. Everything was a mess.

Must have had another Crafting frenzy.

It was around 1PM and I was tired as fun. Making things for my shop was good, but doing that until 3AM was unhealthy.

I shrugged it off. Whatever, when I get inspiration, I just have to act on it. Or else it's gone forever. I glanced at the finished pieces from last night and smiled.

New star and moon charms, new beaded bracelets and necklaces with charms, puzzle piece jewelry. I caught a glance of myself in one of...

by ExetteXIX - Comments: 2 - Views: 365
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This the story of my Somebody
Aixus leaves the castle early in the morning. He jumps in the nearest body of water and creates a portal to another body of water. When he emerges from the water he is at an island. The Island is destroyed, there are craters of different sizes everywhere, there are fallan trees and it is always raining.

There is a lake in the middile of the island. The lake isn't natural, it is a huge crater that filled up with water because of the rain. Aixus walks towards the lake and sit at the edge of it with his legs in the water.

Soon after a random man comes over. "Well I didn't expect...

by AixusXXIX - Comments: 1 - Views: 378
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